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Talking With an Adult

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Friends can help but sometimes what you are going through is too big to
handle by yourself and you need an adult to get involved. 

But who do you ask for help?
  • choose an adult you trust  - maybe it is a family member or a neighbor, a favorite teacher, the school nurse
  • It might be your doctor, your pastor, or the school counselor
  • Or call a hotline – 1 800 273-TALK
What do I say to start the conversation? Aren’t they going to think I am crazy and need to be in a hospital?
  • Try asking them first if they have time to talk
  • Tell them that you want them to listen and not be quick to give advice or judge
  • Tell them that you are having a hard time, that you can’t see any way out of your problems, and that you have thought about ending your life










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